About Pandorabots

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificially intelligent software program that uses natural language processing to hold a human-like conversation with end-users.

What is AIML?

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language is a simple scripting language and the open standard for writing chatbots.

What is Pandorabots?

Pandorabots is a web service that makes available tools for building, hosting, and deploying chatbots, including the Playground IDE and AIaaS API.

Why build a chatbot?

You can think of a chatbot as a conversational user interface that can be deployed in any application, and integrated with numerous third party platforms and services (like Twilio, Twitter, Facebook, Firebase, Skype, and Slack). Chatbots can be simple programs that obey and execute natural language or other commands, e.g. Turn off the lights, or more sophisticated virtual characters that engage the end-user via entertaining dialog or other interactive content. Over 225,000 registered developers have used Pandorabots to build and deploy nearly 300,000 chatbots for:

  • Mobile personal assistants a la Siri or Google Now
  • Customer service representatives for websites
  • Brand ambassadors for advertising
  • Connected home hubs
  • Hardware robots
  • Games and entertainment applications
  • Virtual tutors
  • Talking toys
  • Call centers
  • …and more.