<sraix >

The sraix element allows a bot to call categories that exist within another bot, and return response as if it was its own. This allows the creation of many bots, each with a specific purpose, that may connect with each other to form a sort of bot network.


bot (required)
Specifies the bot to call out to, defined by the botid. On the Pandorabots Playground, the botid is equivalent to username/botname. On the Developer Portal, it is defined as app_id/botname.


Imagine a user named “djf” with two bots, “olimpia” and “alice”. You could forward inputs from olimpia to alice, and return alice’s response to the user conversing with olimpia:

<!-- from bot djf/olimpia -->
  <pattern>WHAT IS FOO</pattern>
  <template><sraix bot="djf/alice"><input/></sraix></template>

<!-- from bot djf/alice -->
  <pattern>WHAT IS FOO</pattern>
  <template>Foo is bar.</template>

So when talking to djf/olimpia, the following is possible:

Input: What is foo?
Output: Foo is bar.